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Boyah, first story that I “upload here”, and also one of the most meh~ish ones (in my opinion hah). Now, don’t let the title scare you away, it’s not that dangerous~

Trivia: this is a story that I wrote in the middle of the night (more exactly ~03:26) and its 1107 words long. Enjoy the reading.

Story behind the More thingy

The goat

I’m an ordinary goat, absolute nothing is special or wrong with me, I’m just like all the other goats. My days go and pass with me doing the same thing again and again. I eat grass, walk around, ”talk” to other animals on the plain, make the suspicious ones go away. That’s my everyday life.

The plain we got is quite a big one, and not too far away there is a huge forest with a cliff. None of us have ever gone into the forest, mainly out of fair that maybe, just maybe, there might be dangerous animals in there. I’d say that I’m quite brave, but I’m not willing to fight a fight I know that I’ll lose, that’s the kind of goat I am. Though, I won’t deny the fact that it’s tempting. So very tempting in fact. To explore the great forest, bigger than any forest I’ve seen before. I’ve gone quite near it, and I believe, that there just might be a bridge that goes to the other side of the cliff. A long sturdy bridge. If there really is a bridge there, it means that humans have been there. Humans are careful beings.. most of the time. So maybe, the forest is actually safe. Maybe, just maybe, there is a paradise waiting for us. I’m probably just over thinking it though, I’m just a simple goat after all.

I can no longer resist the forest. My everyday is boring, nothing exciting ever happens, all we do is walk around in circles. I walk to the forest and observe it. The great big trees with wonderful green crowns. Those leafs are probably delicious, and I kinda want to try them out. The others tell me to stop, telling me it’s dangerous. But how could they know? They have never been there, they have never heard stories from within. Yes.. I will be the one to bring those stories to them. That will show them what kind of goat I am!

The grass in the forest makes me feel like I am in another country, another dimension. I want to eat it, but I resist the tempting to save it for later – kinda of like a reward for myself. Unlike outside the forest it’s not dry, and the air got a humid feel to it, but it’s probably just because in the beginning the trees are so tightly packed, so it doesn’t let go of the rain afterwards. Yes, that’s probably it. I continue deeper into the forest.

Soon I am far enough for the bridge, the trees have started to scatter and are no longer so packed – the air feels great. After some more walking I can finally see the bridge, it’s very very long and I can barely see the end of the cliff that it’s connecting. I swallow as I feel that I might be slightly, just slightly mind you, scared. What if it breaks? What if I fall down when it does that? These kind of questions pops up in my head. Hey, I bet you are underestimating a goats brain – you shouldn’t really do that you know. So I gently place my right front leg out to feel how the bridge feel. It feels sturdy and well-built so I should probably be okay. Okay, let’s do this!

I start walking on the bridge – first slowly, then in a more normal pace and then finally in my normal walking  pace. I stop for a second to look around. It’s far to the ground under the bridge, and I can spot another cliff a bit away from it, maybe I will investigate that area later on. I look behind and see the delicious looking trees – what if they aren’t delicious at all? Damn, then I will feel like a fool for sure. I continue walking forward again.

Suddenly after some walking I can feel the ground (or rather, bridge) shaking. And I become afraid. I try to stand as balanced as possibly, just incase the bridge would fail my expectations, and at the same time I look around. Could it be an earthquake? Here? No, that’s not likely, it got to be something else. And all of a sudden I can see the cause of it. A giant troll is standing at the other side – the side where I’m going, and he doesn’t look happy to see me. Not that I am happy to see him either, but I must say that this is far from anything I’ve ever expected. I can feel my heart beating, and I don’t really feel scared anymore, I actually feel kind of relaxed. I can do this I think. The troll looks at me with his yellow eyes, he grunts which shows his teeth and he seem to be missing some of them. I start getting ready to do my fantastic tackle with my magnificent horns. I’d like to believe that a glint of seriousness was shown in my proud goat eyes. The troll begins to move closer to me, he’s not a fast one, one step at the time he takes. I wait, and I prepare, all I need to do is listening to my instincts. He moves a little more, and now I decide to attack. I leap forward, jumping over the bridge (not to far away from the cliff) straight at him. He grunts again and start rising his hand in order to block my attack – but I’m too fast for him. I hit him straight in the eye and his hand throws me back at the bridge where I repeat what I just did while the troll is crying over his eye and trying to ease the pain I inflected. I start to once again, prepare, then I leap, jump and lastly hit. This time though it was his other eye. The troll isn’t happy, even if he wasn’t happy when I first saw him. He seems to be in a lot of pain and I almost feel sorry for him, but I had no choice. He was blocking my goal, I just did what I had to do. The troll walks away – still crying and the bridge is now ”free”. I walk cross it, eat some grass and leaves from the other side, and yes, they were very delicious~ I then walk back to tell the others about my great adventure.


…..Or so I wish that I did, but sadly, there is a fence between me and the forest – but I will not give up on hoping to one day walk into it and maybe meet a troll for real.

The end!

The story is inspired by this picture (and it links to where I found it, incase you’d want the full size) :