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Another story~! This time I don’t have much to say about it.. but it’s after the more link and is 783 words long~


The cursed forest of wonderful green

I ran. I ran so far I could, without looking back, without looking forward. Simply running.  No goal, no purpose, just running. Without thinking on a single thing. My mind is filled with a void I cannot explain. I won’t stop running. Not until these legs of mine collapses. I push my limits to the very end. Why? I don’t know. Do I have to have a purpose with everything? Do I need to explain my every action with reason and logic? No? Good, because I can’t.  Maybe I wish to run away, from everything. Simply escape, take the cowardly way out.

At the same time as I run, I can feel my mind pounding a giant wall. A wall that blockage myself. Something I built myself way back then. When I was even weaker and more frail. When I was naive and simply believed in the lies that were told to me. I was a fool, and I was foolish that realised it too late. I wish that everything would simply end. Without me needing to do anything. These untold feelings, they are pressing me down, this pressure that I can’t understand. This pressure I cannot get rid of. So foolish, so stupid, so idiotic, so silly. Yes, all of this is all of that. Hah, It’s so that I laugh at myself, for bringing this upon me.

Suddenly I stop running, my legs can’t carry me anymore, at least not without rest. I find myself in a forest. A very green one. I’m still catching my breath as I look upon the scenery that I stumbled on.  If I wasn’t already catching my breath, I would have to catch it because of the scenery. It was something I had never seen before. Something so beautiful that it doesn’t feel of this world. Light splitting between the trees arms, making the grass look like a shining green. Or maybe it really was shining? I wouldn’t know. I don’t even know where I was, or where I am. I stare at the scenery for a long time. The trees, the bushes, the grass, the plants growing. All of these things I’ve seen before, yet at the same time, this was not the same. The light, the colors, even the air felt special. I don’t know why, but the place felt special, in a special way. I know that it sounds weird, but it just is like that. Don’t question everything, just take it as you feel and see it – Only question if its unclear or confusing. This is neither.

Hope. The word I thought I’d never think about again popped up. Yes, hope. The futile word humans relay on, and believe in. I used to be one of them – until I realised that it was stupid. Humans are stupid, this is a well-known fact. I’m a human; therefore I am stupid. Hah, so silly. Yet, I felt it. Hope. I thought I had thrown it away. I thought I had given up on it. So why does it appear now? I don’t know, I can’t understand it. I can’t understand anything anymore. Everything is so..confusing. So unknown, so mysterious. I start crying. Also something I can’t understand, also something I was supposed to have thrown away, given up on. Yet I can feel the tears flowing clearly down on my cheek. I begin to sob. Over everything, and over nothing. Over myself, over other. This is a sad world, and I’m a sad person, a pathetic person. I know this. Yet, I don’t want to believe it. I want to keep on running, but my legs still can’t handle it. ”Dammit.”. I keep on sobbing. The trees sway gently in the wind. Almost as if it’s trying to comfort me. ”How stupid. Dammit.”. I try to dry my tears – only to find it futile. All of it was this forest fault. Everything, Without reason I blame it. I need to blame something. Hope. It was also hopes fault, because I felt it, because it made me remember it. It made me want to start believing again. Maybe I have no choice but to believe? Maybe that is the only way out of this now cursed forest. The cursed forest of wonderful green. ”Fine.”. I’ll start believing. Believe in that the wall inside me might one day crumble. That one day I will be free. Just like before. It’s futile I know it, still I will do it. I’m so stupid it’s funny. Stupid forest, stupid humanity, stupid me. I keep on crying until there are no more tears to be shed. Now all I need to do is to believe once more..

The end~