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Amount of words: 915
written: 11/8-10, time ~00:50 – 01:20

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The girl and the cat

The girl was an ordinary girl, like any other you can see going to school, shopping, having fun. She was one of many, at first glance. She was an observer, one that did not interfer with the life of others. She was alone, it wasn’t like she wanted to be alone, but rather that she didn’t have any other choice. No matter how much she tried, she couldn’t step out of the shadow, to join the others. Even though she was alone, she had a friend, a cat. She didn’t have any powers or something like that, but she felt like she could understand what the cat said. Her parents allowed her to keep the cat she had found in the rain one spring afternoon. To her parents, the girl seemed like the others, except just a bit more shy than usual. They didn’t know, or they pretended not to notice.

The cat she had picked up was free to be outside whenever he wished, because the girl knew that he would come back, sooner or later. Sometimes he could be gone for a few days, and sometimes just for an hour or so. The cat knew everything about the girl, but the girl did not know everything about the cat. That was the way it was supposed to be. The girl trusted the cat and in return the cat trusted the girl. The relationship between them was simple as that; but that the same so much deeper. It was something you couldn’t see with the bare eye. The cat himself was a slender black cat, with a few white spots on his belly. He had a proud way of doing his things, like walking, sitting, always looking confident in himself. Sometimes, when he was the proudest, the girl would giggle, because she thought he looked kinda silly, this left the cat somehow, embarassed.

One day the girl decides that she wants to travel. Travel somewhere far from her hometown, somewhere no one knew her, a new place. A new start. She wasn’t sure if travel would actually change anything, but she found it like a good chance to see more of the world, to get to know new things, things she didn’t know before.  She explained this to her parents, and they agreed easily than she thought. That’s good she thought, she didn’t need to fight with them, force her way or simply run away from home. She was free in a sense.

The day the girl were to start her journey, it was raining. The girl didn’t mind though, as she would simply grab her red umbrella and keep on with her business. She liked rain, it made her somehow feel calm, not that she understood that herself though. As she was walking through her hometown she came closer to the bridge – the bridge that was just at the end of the town. There she could see her cat waiting, all wet. She wondered how long he had been waiting there and kept walking towards him. The girl didn’t have any bags with her, simply because she thought that she wouldn’t need anything like that. In her pockets she had what she needed – her wallet. Other than that it was just her umbrella she was carrying. The cat looked at her – and the girl looks back at the cat. Then suddenly the cats starts talking to the girl. ”Are you sure it’s fine like this?” he asked. ”Yes, it’s fine like this, this is the way it’s supposed to be.” She answered calmly without a doubt in her voice. ”Do you wish for me to come along?” the cat asked with a gentle tone. ”No, it’s fine, you’re better off staying with my parents.” she said while shaking her head a bit. ”And it might be better for me too…”. The cat looks her in the eye, as he does this she can see how very deep his green eyes are. ”Are you sure you wish to do this journey? It will be harsh you know.” he asked will still looking her in the eye – in order to be sure that she only stated the truth. ”Yes, I’m sure. In this town I am nothing more than a shadow. Even if I stay I won’t manage to accomplish anything. My life will pass, and people will simply forget me. Even those that calls themself my friends won’t even notice that I’m gone. This town simply isn’t anything for me. It doesn’t wish for me to be here. I don’t want to be forgotten like I’m nothing. If I die trying I wouldn’t mind it, but for me to simply give up? I can’t have i that way.” She smiled. This was all there was to her life. A parade, a life with no meaning. ”If you want a meaning to your life, you have to create it youself” she kept smiling under her umbrella in the rain. ”Fine, I understand” the cat said with a sad look on his face. ”It was a day like this we met wasn’t it?” he asked, suddenly feeling all nolstalgic. ”Yes…yes it was.” said the girl nodding. ”I wish the best of luck to you” the cat says and slowly starts walking. ”Thanks. I won’t forget you”. ”I won’t forget you either – ever.” The girl and the cat then pass each other by, without saying another word. The rain contiunes to fall as the girl’s journey begins.

The end.

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