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Trivia: 1221 words.
That’s pretty much the only info I got on this piece, since I didn’t write the time or date, sorry~

That rainy day

I can hear the clock ticking, and the rain hitting the window. The piano plays gentle tones, tones that bring me back to those times, those memory that dwell deep inside me. I look down on my glass, and take a small sip. Slowly, I feel the taste of my Amber dream. I let out a small sigh as I look out of the window. Somehow the rain makes me feel both nostalgic and sad. It’s weird isn’t it? How something so usual like rain can sometimes make you feel so…different. The piano playing continues in this empty bar.

The bartender simply stands there, polishing the glass. To him this is just like any other day I guess, except maybe a bit more quiet. The bar itself is already nice and clean, and it reflects my glass onto its surface. I observe the scenery outside the window – the empty gray streets, the city lamps that shine all to itself, lighting the path up a little, and the small lamps in the windows in the stores. But what fascinates me the most is the rain hitting the surface of different things. I don’t know why, but there is simply something special about it. I take another sip of my Amber dream, and thus, I begin to dream away – dreaming back to those times, that were as gentle as the piano.

It was a rainy evening, just like this one, that I met him. It was a simple almost silly way of meeting someone, but none the less, it happens sometimes. We were waiting for the bus that was running late. Maybe we missed it, or maybe it had been canceled, I have no idea. Both of us had probably been drinking a little, so we couldn’t drive, or well, so I assumed. It was quiet, almost a bit too quiet. All that could be heard was the rain.

After a while, he opened his mouth. ”Which way are you going?” he asked. I answered a little hesitating that I was going south. ”What a coincidence, so am I. Shall we take a taxi? The bus doesn’t seem to be coming, and we’re both going the same way so we might as well take one taxi and split the bill… What do you say?” He smiled as he asked. ”W-well, yeah, I guess that would be convenient” I say. And so he called a taxi. Just after a few minutes the taxi came and we both stepped into it. Both of us were looking out the windows – once again observing the rain. ”Hey, can I get your number?” he asked all of a sudden – so suddenly that I said sure without really thinking. It’s not something I regret – rather, I’m thankful for it.

We began meeting quite regular – going out for drinks and such, you know, just being friends. But one day, I realized that I liked him more than just a friend. So I took all my courage and confessed – and luckily, he accepted. Thus we began dating. We were happy, and we didn’t have a single worry in our lives. It had even gone so far that he proposed to me, and I accepted it of course, if I didn’t I would have been a real fool.

So one day, we decided to go out for a drive, a long one that is. Far away, by the mountains and the ocean. We arrived, and put up our tent. It was the first time I were going to camp, so we made sure to bring quite a lot of insect repels and similar things. The scenery was absolutely stunning. The greatness of the mountain, the oceans reflections, the clouds fluffiness. Just about everything could be called amazing. The green grass, the flowers, the way the hills were slanted. Lots of photos were taken, no mistake about that. Later in the evening, we noticed that we were missing some things for the bbq. ”I’ll drive down to the town and buy the things, okay?” he says with a smile and I nod. The car drives away and I keep looking at the dark ocean, even though I can’t see much I know that it’s amazing, at least as much as it was during the day. I hoped that nothing would happen to him – as the roads were very dangerous around these parts, having deep cliffs right next to the road itself. But I was sure that he would be okay, because it was him after all.

It was running late, and I started to worry about it, thinking that it was a bad idea. We had things for food – even if it was bbq things. I throw away my worries and keep on waiting, if I don’t believe then who will? That’s what I thought. It wasn’t until later that I got to know about the accident. The accident that happened while I was accidently asleep. Two cars had crashed into each other badly in a curve on the road – One dead and one badly hurt.

The road, barely enough space for two cars, a bad curve where you can’t really see if there is coming another car or not, the curve where many accidents had happened. I panicked. My greatest fear might have come into reality. I rushed to the place where it had happened, it didn’t matter how long it would take me to get there by foot, and all I knew was that I had to get there. When I arrived I saw the thing I didn’t want to see. I didn’t want to believe, I didn’t want to be there, not anymore. He was dead – cold, pale and full of blood. The other person – a man, was alive. I fell down on my knees, crying. Why didn’t the other man die? Why did HE had to be the one still alive? I cursed him, and I cursed myself for thinking the way I was.

A few days later I got to know that apparently, the car that caused the accident was the other man’s car, it seemed as if the car had some brake problems and what not, but the man driving didn’t think another  thought that maybe there would be another car on the road – seeing how it was so late and all. He had to pay huge fees for his mistake. But he made a mistake that can never be paid, never forgotten. He killed another man. Even if it wasn’t on purpose he did it – this alone he cannot erase.  It took a few weeks for me to get over the whole thing.

Even now, a few years later, I cannot fully forgive the man that caused the accident, and now I live in my sad loneliness. I know that there is nothing that I can do about it, but sometimes I still curse myself for not going with him, for not being at his side when he died. But I have to live on, and one day, this loneliness will most likely pass, I have to live for his sake too. It’s my duty. I smile and take another sip of my Amber dream – the piano tones still as gentle as always, going around in the room. I keep on looking out at the rain.

The End