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Words: 971

Can’t really say that I got more information than that on this story… so enjoy the reading~ ^^

Also, my sense for naming characters is really bad, so the [] in this means that her name should be placed there. Feel free to insert a name of your choice or simply see her as nameless.

Also it’s… a cliché story about a cliché robot….and not a particular good story either.

The Worlds robot

My name is [], and I am a robot, or a bit more specific, somewhat of a maid robot serving the World. This might sound strange to some, but it’s a fact. You might wonder what I mean with the World. Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. The world, the place you live on and abuse. Ah, that was rude of me, please forgive me. I’m the one that takes care of the World; I thought you’d figure that out when I said that I was a maid. Now, enough with breaking the fourth wall, or I might get scolded.

My master, the World, is quite a selfish person. He either does too much, or too little, and if I tell him to do it right, he gets mad. Such a troublesome purpose in life I’ve been given. Still, being the one I am, I have received all knowledge there is. There is nothing I don’t know, and there is nothing I don’t understand… Or so it’s meant to be. Sometimes I observe the humans down there. My masters gives me a lot of freedom, as long as I don’t jump into issues, or do anything that might cause things to change, I am free to do what I want. So, as a hobby, I observe humans just for the fact that I can, and for the sake of trying to understand.

Humans. The word itself is kind of mysterious so it fits them well I believe. They are the only animal in this world that doesn’t make much sense. They get mad and angry for nothing, they can cry over nothing, and the list goes on. I can define each of these feelings they have, but I still don’t understand them. I’ve asked master to add it to my programs, but he says that it’s impossible. I was surprised, is there really something that is impossible for the World to do? So I asked him, “Just what is it that makes reprogramming me impossible?”

I received a blunt but well explained answer. “That’s because you are a robot. You already have all knowledge installed. There is nothing for me to add. Even so you state that you can’t understand “feelings”. That’s wrong, you do understand, but you don’t know how to handle the information. And that is because you lack a heart. All you can do is to act as programmed, the personality, the way you act, all of that is in your program.” I stand speechless. A heart? What is a heart? In my database it says it’s the organ that pumps around blood. Another entry in the database was related to feelings. Again the word feelings came up.

I became desperate. I needed to understand. I started to observe humans more and more, more in details, even going as far as write down the things. My master told me it was best for me to stop, but I couldn’t. It was impossible for me to quit now, I simply cannot give up. The more I studied it, the less it made any sense to me. Heart. Feelings. Why were these so important to the humans? The questions and confusion kept piling up. I knew that if I continue this way, I won’t hold. I will break. But that did not matter. I wanted to understand. I wanted… I wanted to become human.

My master kept warning me for the dangers, but never once did he order me to stop. I did a lot of research, for a long long time. By this time, master had created another robot to tend to the things I no longer cared about. I was ashamed, ashamed about the fact that I had managed to break one of my rules, the rule to do my duties. I was no longer a maid robot fit for the job I was made for.  But even that was something I forgot about. I was obsessed about the heart and the feelings it would be able to understand. I had to obtain it. It had become all of me.

After even more research, reading, thinking, writing I finally reached an understanding. An understanding that would grant me the heart I longed for. Something I had created myself. As I obtained the heart all came to an understanding. “Aah…” I cried out. I cried, I laughed, and for the first time, I believe my eyes, the eyes of a robot, was shining with a different light. All the emotions, that of a human, came flowing to me. Sadness, happiness, confusion, pride, fear, and the list goes on.

I had reached my goal. I had reached happiness. But at the peak of my happiness, I came to understand. I understood that now that I had reached my goal I would die. My circuits would overheat, and maybe start burning. It could be seen as a beautiful death, a death of one that had reached his dream. Or an ugly dream, a death of one that had reached the goal of his obsession which would then cause him to die. I start crying, at the same time as I was laughing. “So this is the feeling they call despair and insanity”.

The last thing that crosses the robots mind before her circuit shuts down and becomes far away from repairable was; ”I wonder…if I regret this goal I reached, maybe.. Maybe it would have been better to give up and live. But, then I wouldn’t understand the happiness of living… A robot… Can’t become a human after all.”

She closes her eyes, and falls together into a pile of rubbish. This was the fate of the robot that wanted to become human.