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What’s this? Another post just one day after the recent one?

Well, I did write on twitter (lol, yes, I do have a twitter) that I would write a story tonight, so here it is.
It’s one of the shortest one I’ve ever written, and one of the most meaningless ones too I guess. I just kind of got the name “Schrödinger’s box” into my head, and even had a small idea about it so I just had to do it. Don’t worry though, as I said, it’s a shorty~

Words: 224
Time: ~23:20 – 23:35 (27/4)


Schrödinger’s Box

The boy created a box, a box where he had put everything that he wanted to run away from. His feelings and the truth of himself, in other words – his heart. The boy decided to call the box “Schrödinger’s box”. Somehow he just felt like the name was fit for it. He himself would never open it, and with time he would forget about it. Or so he hoped. For the boy was scared of the day.

The day the box he had created would be open. If someone did manage to open it, they would either find the boy’s heart – the cat was alive, and the boy himself would break. Break from the weight of all the feelings compressed and pushed into a small box. Or they would find nothing – the cat was dead, and the boy would continue living an empty life, without feelings and thus without worry. If the box was ever opened, the boy hoped for the second option – the dead cat. “A life without feelings, without worry; how splendid wouldn’t that be?” The boy thought. He gazed at the stars, shining bright in the darkness. Slowly closing his eyes and let a single tear fall down, only to once again put on the mask. A mask that would deceive people – until the day Schrödinger’s box would be opened.

The end.

For those that doesn’t know, the name Schrödinger’s box is based on “Schrödinger’s cat”, which you can read about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s_cat