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I’ve had this one in my head for while, and yes, it’s another short shorty. If you wonder why I don’t really have an answer. Writers just are that way~

As for the usual trivia:
word count: 273
time: ~00:41 – 00:51
Note: Hmm, I want to add something here, but I don’t really have anything to say. Except probably that nothing in this blog is meant to be taken serious, and you are free to interpret stories as you want~

Oh also, I would say that this story is inspiried by Scop’s song “Moshimo hanashi” (もしも話) (translation would be something like: “What if-talk”) from the album “Rainy story”. A very good song in my opinion.

Gazing at the stars while thinking “if…”

A cool breeze goes through the tall grass where I lie gazing at the night sky. The sky is filled with millions of stars and a few clouds. It’s the middle of the summer, so it feels nice to be outside. But as I gaze at the stars I can’t stop myself from wondering. Wondering about many things. I reach out of hand towards the sky – towards the stars, almost as if I am trying to catch them. And so I begin wonder…

If I were a cat, would I be able to live more carefree?
If I were a bird, would I be able to feel the so-called freedom?
If I were a dog, would I be able to stay loyal, without doubt?
If I were a wolf, would I be able to cope with the loneliness?
If I were a lion, would I have the strength to be proud and carry on?
If I were a child, would I be able to stay innocent and pure?
If I were someone else, would you be happier?
If I weren’t here… would I be able to be free from all this pain?

I close my hand, as if I had taken a star, and slowly lower it down towards my chest. I know I shouldn’t stray, that I should believe in myself. But to stop thinking is a lot harder than it might seem. I chuckle to myself, gaze upon the star once more to then close my eyes. Down falls a single tear and my consciousness slowly fall into the night while hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.