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Time to show off some old stuff (and in one way kind of embarrassing)~!

This is something I wrote in 2009, January (if I am to believe the .txt properties….). I believe I wrote it for some kind of school project, with the soundtrack “True” from Silent hill. Though, the text doesn’t fit the song at all, so it’s probably easier to just see it was a poem or a text in song form ^^; It doesn’t have a proper name, so I’m just gonna call it something random but still somewhat fitting…


The red sunset,
the clock ticking,
As if time is standing still,
She stands there –
Like a painting.
Simply there,
not doing a thing.

Her feet are chained,
her eyes shine red.
Just like the sun itself.
She’s trapped in the past;
Of  her happy memories.

[The setting sun colors the sky red,
As time continues to stand still.
That never-ending shade,
Will she forever be chained in here?]

One mistake and now she’s here.
She cannot cry no matter what,
or how much she may wish for it.
Her time doesn’t move,
even if she can hear
the clock ticking again and again.
Those black eyes with faint blue
showing no sight of hope at all.

[Will the chains on her heart ever rust,
or will they last in eternity?
as the setting sun colors the sky,
Until time itself dies.]