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Fresh written story, woho~

This is yet another one that I’ve actually had as an idea for a while, the ending probably didn’t turn out as I first though, but I think it ended up somewhat good anyway. This story was heavily inspired by a certain image that will be in the post after the story. This is also, maybe, one of my brighter feel-good stories. So enjoy~!

The usual trivia:
Written: 14/5 – 11
Time: ≈ 00:05 – 00:24
Words: 525

The station called summer, in the middle of the ocean.

The ocean breeze, the smell of the ocean and the sounds it makes. When the girl opens her eyes she is greeted by all this. It was a very familiar scenery to her because she had been here many times. Every time the girl found herself there she was sitting by the train station, in the middle of the ocean. A sign saying “Summer” could be seen next to the bench she was sitting on. The clouds would always reflect in the ocean in a similar way, never was it a bad weather; it would never be clear either.

Whenever the girl was there, she could never move from the bench. She was stuck there, like a statue. She didn’t know why she was there, or why the scenery felt odd and yet nostalgic. But she knew. She knew for certain that the place was nothing more than a dream. It was a dream that was “hunting” her; not harmful in any kind of way. Simply there for her, calming and relaxing. But the girl found it odd. While she knew that she was in a dream, she could never remember it when she woke up; she would always remember it when she was back in the dream. This bothered her quite a lot. “Why can’t I remember it after I’ve woken up?” the girl wondered. She also wondered why she couldn’t move from the bench in the station. Why was the only thing she could see the ocean? None of it really made much sense to her.

The breeze gently blows through her hair, careful not to remove her summer hat. The girl closes her eyes while focusing on the sound of the ocean. She put all her wondering and thoughts to the side and just focused on the ocean. A feeling of ease comes to her. A small smile, barely noticeable, appears on her face. “Maybe there is something that tells me not to forget this feeling?” she thought to herself. Maybe this dream was a way for the girl to relax, to feel ease and forget all the worries she had. To spend a little time by herself.

The station called “summer”, placed in the middle of the ocean. A station that existed only for the girl in her dreams. A station leading to her memories – the ones placed in summer. A station for her to escape, to feel ease.

The girl felt that the end was coming near, that she once again would have to open her eyes in the other world and keep on going on with her life. But she knew that she would be alright. The girl knew that she would be able to keep on going; that she wouldn’t lose hope. Because after all… she had the station called “summer” placed in her heart.

The girl gazed once again at the ocean scenery – only to close them and open them in the real world. She couldn’t remember anything of the dream, but she knew it was a good one. She slowly gets up from her bed, smiling, and starts getting ready for yet another day of work.

The end.

The promised picture:

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