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Another one fresh of digital paper!
Inspired by, well I think you can guess – yes, everyday life. Not to be taken too seriously of course. You could also say that it’s slighty inspired by Hatsune Miku – Hello/how are you video (link here – it’s with subs) but I’m not too sure hah. Well, time for the random trivia I guess~

Date: 20/6 – 2011
Words: 358 (another short one I see)
Time: ~23:36 – 23:50


Everyday phrases

The girl sigh and looks out of the window on the clouds. The clouds that are simply flowing in the sky, without a care in the world. Leaning her head on her hand, she wishes that she would be there instead of here. Here, in the stuffy classroom, where everyone is simply repeating their days. But the girl has no right to complain; she’s doing the same after all. The teachers, the people, the lessons and the phrases.

The girl had grown tired of it all, but she was unable to escape it too. It was a loop that had burned onto her and her life. And everyone else. Everyone that is doing their best to just fit in, to be one of everyone. A huge useless group. “Hello, how are you?” “Fine thanks, and you?” the conversation would go. Everything felt so awkward, so forced. The smiles, the laughs, the worry and the feelings overall. Because in the end, everyone was and is puppets; puppets to the world called society.

She wanted to escape, she really really did. But she couldn’t. Not only was she stuck in a loop, but also a box. A box she had built herself long time ago. A box that protected her, sheltered her and locked her away from pain. Even though she was the box’s creator she had lost the key, and she had no idea where to find it. So it didn’t matter if she wanted to get out or not, because she couldn’t. Nor could she ask for help, because the box wouldn’t allow it. The only phrases she could say was the everyday phrases she always used. The everyday phrases she both hates and loves, phrases with words that had lost their meaning, and was no more than a cover to it all.

Once again the girl sigh and closes her eyes. Thinking back at the times the words and meaning, life was colorful and before the box came into existence. Turning back was impossible. All she can do now is to hope that the words would keep their current mask and remain the everyday phrases that she knew.