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This was one I got the core idea which is just a small fraction from the whole part while laying around doing nothing, the rest of the story is well…
The type where you write as you go I guess. For once, it’s a bit on the longer part. And I guess I really need to stop with the “The girl” thing huh?

The usual trivia:
Written: 14/7 -11
Time: 23:13 – 23:45
Words: ~987

And a small note: This story could be 2 types of story, one – the kind where you have to figure out the ending yourself
(aka open ending) and second – closed ending. If you wish to come up with your own ending, stop reading at the ~~’s, or if you want
come up with your own & read the ending I created, it’s up to you ^^

Enjoy it as you please!

A white room and rain

The girl was laying in the white sofa, in the white room, staring at the fan on the ceiling. Her arm dangling down from the side, slightly touching the floor. Her other hand was acting as a shade for the eyes, so that the lights from the fan wouldn’t dazzle her. Aside from the sofa and the fan, there was nothing more in the plain white room, except a window and a door. A door she never went out of. And the window facing the never changing scenery of gray-blue with rain.

The girl was simply staring at the fan and listening to the rain. Day out and day in this was what she was doing. She was empty. No motivation, no reason, no nothing. Simply staying in there was enough for her. She didn’t even bother asking herself why she didn’t move, because she knew she didn’t have any answers. But sometimes she would look out of the window, hilt her head, and then lay back down again. She knew what was outside the window, and yet, from time to time she checked. Maybe she hoped that it would change? She was unsure. She wasn’t even sure if she was unsure. She knew questions would only be problematic for her, so she had shut them down. They still came though, and it annoyed her. “Why can’t I control myself completely?” She would ask, only to remember. She rolls over and decides to sleep.

She slowly opened her eyes to be greeted by the fan and the white room. She felt as if she had forgot something; something important. But she couldn’t place her finger on what it was. The room didn’t lack anything, it had the same thing as always, and the sound of rain could still be heard. So what was it that was missing? The girl blinks, closes her eyes, and tries to think. Only to see void. She was empty, and she knew it. “But that can’t be what is missing… I’ve always been empty” the girl thought to herself. So she throws it away, the missing feeling, somewhere far far away. But she felt uneasy, something wasn’t right.

The girl couldn’t stop feeling uneasy, and started feeling restless. She didn’t like this at all, cause she found it ‘abnormal’. This wasn’t her, something was wrong. But what was it? She buries her face in her hands while sitting down in the white sofa. She listens to the rain calmly hitting the window as it has always done. The girl found it reassuring. “Surely, nothing had changed here” she thought and nodded to herself. The gray-blue light contracting the white room. A small sigh escapes from the girl’s lips. She looks up at the fan, who would never take a break from spinning.

A sudden feeling comes over the girl, this too, leaves her confused. She wants to go out. Go out and feel the rain, or simply stretch her hand out in it. This had never happened before, and she didn’t understand why she suddenly wants to do it. She had never felt rain before, so why would she want to do it now? She hesitates, but slowly goes toward the window. Slowly and calming, she stretches out her hand towards it. But she feels scared and her hand trembles. It’s just as if she’ll lose something if she tries to open the window. She runs back to the sofa, and hides her face in her knees. Just as it feels like she’ll lose something, it also feels like she’ll gain something…

The rain continues to fall, and more and more makes no sense to the girl. A mess she had become. She didn’t understand anything. “Why am I scared? Why am I so confused? Why..?” the questions simply came to her, without and end, wouldn’t let her rest or try to find an answer. They came without a stop. Surely, soon, she would break. Soon she would no longer be able to handle it. She starts crying and bites her lip. “This is not how I wanted it to go…” she slowly says. “But.. then just how did I want it to go…?” The tears fall down without caring what the girl thought about it. Nor could the girl be bothered to think about it, she had too much else on her mind. She looks up, with a red face, to the window. She felt like she had to get out. Out of the white room with nothing more than a door, a fan, a sofa and that window. The window – the only thing that wasn’t filled with white. The gray-blue color, it had to meant something. It was so out of place. The girl tries to dry her tears, only to fall more, and goes towards the window. The fragile but still strong looking window. She takes a deep breath, once more tries to dry her tears and throws herself with all her might out of the window….


Her body aches all over, with small glas cuting into her skin, and blood slowly coming out of her wounds. But her tears had stopped, even if she were in such pain, she didn’t cry. Slowly, taking her time, the girl stands up. To her surprise, a completely different scenery than the one from the window was seen. The rain was falling – yes, but instead of those gray-blue colors, a mix of colors was present. Tears started falling from the girls cheek again, but not from pain or from despair, but from hope. She maybe have lost her safety inside that white room with the fan, but instead she had gained something much greater. A choice of life. A choice of life that was only the girls, and no one else had the right to decide over her. A small smile forces itself upon her; “This… is my beginning.”

The end