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I had the urge to write something, but I wasn’t sure of what. But I still had the feeling that “well, I have to write something.” so this is what became of it.

This one, just like the other stories I’ve written, has just gone with the flow. I don’t usually have any kind of end or such in idea when I start writing, so maybe it’s not all that odd (which is why loose ends and sudden jumps shouldn’t surprise you). And as usual, form your own interpretation about the story – points of it etc. It is you – the reader – that decides those ^^

Oh, might be added that the whole “sins” part is probably an inspiration from the book I’m currently reading – Dante’s divine comedy; the inferno. So no surprises there I think.

So for usual trivia:
Time: well, took around 15 min – 30 min to write it, finished at ~01:54
Words: 534


Golden box – forgotten box

Somewhere, someplace there is a small little golden box. A golden box with various silver decorations. But on the front of the box there is a sentence in bronze. The sentence say: “A box filled with the memories and dreams of eternity…” But this box is nothing more than a myth in the human world. A myth that says that the person to get his or her hands on it will gain the knowledge of time, the wisdom of a sage, the feelings of a fair maiden. Many has went out on a journey to find it, where none of them has ever returned. “Maybe they had found the box?” their closest friends thought, “but if they did, then why did they not tell us?”. But the people did not know that such knowledge, such wisdom and kindness would surely be the end of the world.

The box was indeed hidden among the humans. But the humans were blind to it. For surely, if they could only throw away their greed, the hatred and doubt they would have had the chance to find it. But the humans couldn’t do it. For whenever they became close it, they would get sidetracked, back onto the path of sinners. The people who did nothing, those who were too greedy, those who looked down upon others, those who ended their own lives. The list and the sins were many. Maybe man was lost to begin with?

The box that once were gold is now growing rusty. The creator of the box had hoped that the people could look past it’s golden shell, and realize that the outside was not the important part. Surely, the creator himself had lost the hope of having the box found. He who created it hoped for something, but lost it along the way. A sage of divine type he was. He did not want to meddle in the affairs of man, and so he did not. But many times he wanted to jump in, call them fools and try to make them understand, but he held back. It was for their own good and for his own good. If they didn’t realize it themselves it would be futile. A small sigh escapes the now overly aged sage. He wanted to throw the box away, but he lacked the courage to do so.

The sage wandered the lands, hoping for someone to understand; to realize, that the answer to everything was something much more simple than it seemed. It was right in-front of their eyes, yet they never saw or even thought about it. The sins would simply continue to pile up. But he did nothing about, for it was nothing he could do about it. He had accepted it, and soon enough he would surely forget about it too. He simply continued to walk the empty lands.

The sage had lost his faith in humans; he began to doubt them, to look down on them. And so, the sage himself – the creator of the golden box – had forgotten about it. It will sleep, deep down, until the day someone remembers it.

The end.