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Soa few weeks ago me and a friend somehow started to talk about old/not exactly so old typewriters. During our talk I remember that “Hey, I think we got a typewriter somewhere” and made my dad go dig it up for me. After some troubles I got it to work without a problem! So, while wanting to write something on it but not really knowing what it became somewhat random…. But I hope it won’t be any problems~ ^^

I think I wrote it sometime around 25/8, sometime during the night (or late evening).

I also kind of ended up writing two “poems” (“‘s cause I’m unsure if I can call them that or not…) that probably will be uploaded later.

It should also be noticed that yes, some spelling errors/tried to fix errors will be in the text cause, well, typewriter.

“picture” under the jump!

Yeah… It’s kind of random, but I did warn you. And yes, uneven too.You can click it if you want bigger size (I think).