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When I wrote this all I had in mind was the title – colors, and that I wanted to somehow use the word “transparent”. So I didn’t really have a clue about what or how it was meant to go. Causing it to turn out, well… Okay I guess, but not exactly good. Ah well.

Written: 2nd October, 01:30 – 01:44
words: 468



It all starts at a level of transparent. As time passes it slowly turns into a mix of colors. Seasons pass along with it and surely forms begin to take shape. We too, take on a color. Sometimes we can switch at will. Sometimes we slowly get dyed by someone or something else. Seeking different things and ideals we form.

She was unsure of her own color. She tried to fit in by changing her color. But in the end it always felt as if she was transparent, just pretending to be another color by hovering above it. But she didn’t want to be transparent. She didn’t think that she wanted it either way. Pursuing her color she was traveling far from home. But whatever she pretended to be, the seasons would always change her slightly. In the summers she got a faint green of her. In the fall she got a bit darker with hints of red and yellow. In the winter it would be white. And in spring it would be pink. She didn’t really understand why but then again, she never spent much time thinking about it. Simply focusing on her color search she continued.

Before she knew it she had grown tired of it. Surely she loved traveling, but she understood that finding a color that was something fitting for her was simply impossible. She had even forgotten why she had started. Was it to form something that was unlike the others? Something unique? Maybe she wanted to be seen as special. By now, it could have been anything. But she kept traveling.

After spending many years traveling, wandering through the different lands and learning of their culture and their way of thinking about things. She decided that it was time to return home. She had gone too far away for too long and was simply wishing to see her old folks. On her way back to her homeland she met a man. He was also going to that place, so they decided that they would go together. She and the man got along very well, in fact, better than she had with most people.

Their time traveling was the most precious time for her. Their bonds had grown strong along with the seasons and the passing of time. Once they returned to her hometown the man faces her and asks for her hand in marriage. She becomes happy, but at the same time she remembered why she started traveling. To find her color. Somewhere along the road she had abandoned the quest. He had made her forget it completely but now she remembers it again. She faces him and asks:
“Before I give you my answer, can I ask you a question?”
Surprised he agrees.
“Reflected in your eyes… what color am I?”

The end.