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Well, for those that wonder about how it went on NaNoWriMo… well, it appears that I have a magical word limit that I get stuck on for different reasons; this limit being ~10k words. But oh wells! There is always a next year! 🙂

As for the story, it’s fresh of “the press” and one of the longer ones recently! I was actually in bed before this hit me and I thought “Okay, I’m going up, start-up my laptop and write this stuff down”. And so I did! So yeah, enjoy I guess ^^;

Time: 01:31 – 01:53
Date: 24/12 – 11 (yes, Christmas morning, go me! hah)
Words: 932

Dark forest

When she woke up she found herself in a dark forest. She didn’t know how she’d get there nor did she have any memories of the last three months. But she wasn’t scared. Because she still knew who she was and what in her past that had made her just her. The forest was so dark that it almost looked black. Soon she began to wonder if that wasn’t in fact the case. It took the girl a few hours before she got up and started walking on unstable legs.

She walked in the forest, which lacked a set path. But she didn’t mind, because she didn’t know where she was going either way. There was little to no point in a path which was useless either way. Forcing herself between the sharp branches, the cold nights, she wandered on. She didn’t mind either of it. She found herself thinking that she had no right to complain. Others would surely have begun complaining at the sole fact of waking up in an unknown forest. But the girl didn’t. In fact, she quite liked the dark forest she had found herself in. It kept her hidden, safe from others – but also herself.

Sometimes the branches would scratch her; hurt her and annoy her. Once again, the girl didn’t really mind either of it. She still didn’t complain. A few scratches here and there were nothing she thought. This was still the path she had taken. But was it by free will? She didn’t think about it. Surely, if this was where she ended up, so be it, she thought. It was fine this way. The wounds would heal after all, sooner or later. Maybe there were scars left, but that was what had shaped her, she thought. So she didn’t really mind the scars either.

It didn’t take long until the girl had lost her feeling of time, or how long it had been since she woke up in there. Maybe, she thought, she had been there all along? Maybe, the gap of her memories wasn’t three months. There was a possibility that she had thrown herself into to the forest as an act of self-defense. But there wasn’t a way for the girl to find out, at least not during that time. Because she was, after all, all alone in that dark forest.

Then, one day, she found a path. A real path, in that dark forest. She knew that it lead somewhere, but she didn’t want to walk on it. She was scared. There was endless of possibilities of what or where the path lead to. Maybe it even lead to a brighter future? She didn’t really like the thought of that. The forest had protected her; it didn’t give her time to think about different things that the normal ones thought about. No, it only gave her the time to accept things as they were. And she liked that. She believed that if she let such things as feelings get in the way then she would lose herself, surely.

Even though she thought she knew what she wanted, she couldn’t help but to think of that path that she had found. She always made sure that she could find it again, just in case. The girl started to get a hard time believing in what she had always thought was right. She wasn’t lost no, because she knew where she was. It was simply that she had started to doubt herself. Was her chosen path really the right way to deal with things? Wasn’t she about to reach her limit? The girl was, after all, just a simple human.

So she tried; tried her hardest to rethink things. Sure, the dark forest was a safe zone for her. For in there she was alone, for in there she was allowed to be herself without needing to think about others. But maybe, just maybe, the company of others was in fact needed for a simple human like her?  She’d find someone who she could fall for; someone she could share her worries and troubles for. Someone she could laugh with. So the girl decided. She would try walking on that path that would lead to the outside.

The path was long, and even though it was leading her to the “light” it wasn’t an easy path. She struggled, she cried, she laughed out of frustration. Many times did she want to give up, but she didn’t. For the wounds the path caused her, unlike the ones in the dark forest whose path she had chosen herself, they hurt much more. It took her long, but she was finally out. The light hurt her eyes until she had adjusted them. Surely, she thought, that her story had just begun…

But in fact it didn’t take the girl long time until she realized how hard it was. Her past weighted her down, but she didn’t complain. She didn’t want to complain. The girl knew that there was countless of people who were in a much more harder, troublesome, worrying, anguishing situation than her; therefore she had no reason to complain. Some of them were ordinary worries, but she would not say them out loud. She locked it all inside her. Almost everything; all the pain, all the sorrows, and only let the happiness that others want to see go through the mask. “Let the people see what they want to see. Let them not worry about someone like me”. The rest went into the dark forest. The dark forest inside the girl herself.