About me

This is a random blog I created in order to have a place where I could dump the stories I randomly write (mostly happens in the middle of the night…). I watch a lot of anime, read quite a lot of manga, so don’t be surprised if you’ll notice that it’s nothing rare for me to gain a bit of inspiration from it. But hey, that’s what hobbies are all about, kind of.

The stories themselves aren’t anything special, but when you write something, you want someone to read it, right? Or at least give it a chance or something. So that’s why!

I’ve heard that I never write any directly good ends, and well, I’m not quite sure how to write a happy end. Anyway, enough of my babbling. Enjoy the reads and feel free to give feedback or whatever.

Fancy ending!

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.
– E. L. Doctorow

If you wish to have your blog/site linked here, feel free to contact me at once so we can exchange links… :3
I’ll get myself to fix one of those small “link images” sometime in the future…

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