Everyday phrases


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Another one fresh of digital paper!
Inspired by, well I think you can guess – yes, everyday life. Not to be taken too seriously of course. You could also say that it’s slighty inspired by Hatsune Miku – Hello/how are you video (link here – it’s with subs) but I’m not too sure hah. Well, time for the random trivia I guess~

Date: 20/6 – 2011
Words: 358 (another short one I see)
Time: ~23:36 – 23:50


Everyday phrases

The girl sigh and looks out of the window on the clouds. The clouds that are simply flowing in the sky, without a care in the world. Leaning her head on her hand, she wishes that she would be there instead of here. Here, in the stuffy classroom, where everyone is simply repeating their days. But the girl has no right to complain; she’s doing the same after all. The teachers, the people, the lessons and the phrases.
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The station called summer, in the middle of the ocean


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Fresh written story, woho~

This is yet another one that I’ve actually had as an idea for a while, the ending probably didn’t turn out as I first though, but I think it ended up somewhat good anyway. This story was heavily inspired by a certain image that will be in the post after the story. This is also, maybe, one of my brighter feel-good stories. So enjoy~!

The usual trivia:
Written: 14/5 – 11
Time: ≈ 00:05 – 00:24
Words: 525

The station called summer, in the middle of the ocean.

The ocean breeze, the smell of the ocean and the sounds it makes. When the girl opens her eyes she is greeted by all this. It was a very familiar scenery to her because she had been here many times. Every time the girl found herself there she was sitting by the train station, in the middle of the ocean. A sign saying “Summer” could be seen next to the bench she was sitting on. The clouds would always reflect in the ocean in a similar way, never was it a bad weather; it would never be clear either.

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Old things part 1


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Time to show off some old stuff (and in one way kind of embarrassing)~!

This is something I wrote in 2009, January (if I am to believe the .txt properties….). I believe I wrote it for some kind of school project, with the soundtrack “True” from Silent hill. Though, the text doesn’t fit the song at all, so it’s probably easier to just see it was a poem or a text in song form ^^; It doesn’t have a proper name, so I’m just gonna call it something random but still somewhat fitting…


The red sunset,
the clock ticking,
As if time is standing still,
She stands there –
Like a painting.
Simply there,
not doing a thing.

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Gazing at the stars while thinking ”if…”


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I’ve had this one in my head for while, and yes, it’s another short shorty. If you wonder why I don’t really have an answer. Writers just are that way~

As for the usual trivia:
word count: 273
time: ~00:41 – 00:51
Note: Hmm, I want to add something here, but I don’t really have anything to say. Except probably that nothing in this blog is meant to be taken serious, and you are free to interpret stories as you want~

Oh also, I would say that this story is inspiried by Scop’s song “Moshimo hanashi” (もしも話) (translation would be something like: “What if-talk”) from the album “Rainy story”. A very good song in my opinion.

Gazing at the stars while thinking “if…”

A cool breeze goes through the tall grass where I lie gazing at the night sky. The sky is filled with millions of stars and a few clouds. It’s the middle of the summer, so it feels nice to be outside. But as I gaze at the stars I can’t stop myself from wondering. Wondering about many things. I reach out of hand towards the sky – towards the stars, almost as if I am trying to catch them. And so I begin wonder…

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“Schrödinger’s box”


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What’s this? Another post just one day after the recent one?

Well, I did write on twitter (lol, yes, I do have a twitter) that I would write a story tonight, so here it is.
It’s one of the shortest one I’ve ever written, and one of the most meaningless ones too I guess. I just kind of got the name “Schrödinger’s box” into my head, and even had a small idea about it so I just had to do it. Don’t worry though, as I said, it’s a shorty~

Words: 224
Time: ~23:20 – 23:35 (27/4)


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Visual novel: Connection


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Update: New link for Windows version up, sadly, I don’t have the Mac version anymore so can’t reupload it 😦

I remember mentioning that I was working on a visual novel for a school project, and well, that visual novel is now ready for release ^^;;

Download links:

For Linux: http://www.mediafire.com/?cse28oe2uldeuos

For Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/?uiawy9u5vl7osui
If that link doesn’t work, try: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?p9zymdp4styk3u1 ^^

It appears that Mediafire doesn’t like my file, even thou I’ve used “free to use” sources in my VN, so windows version is not also uploaded to 2share while I
contact mediafire about it ^^; Sorry for the inconvience.

For Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/?0fu9cdqs941i078 [dead]

For some reason WordPress doesn’t want to link the mac link to the mac link.. so simply copypaste the url into your browser ^^;

If I have to put it in genre… Honestly, I’m not sure what it is. But lets say drama, just for the sake of putting it somewhere. I’d add a summary, but being afraid that it might spoil, I’ll skip that. Feel free to take the title of the game quite… literally.
A few notes:

  • I know that the artwork is meh/bleh, I’m not all that good at drawing (orz) but you’ll survive it.
  • The music clicks when changing – Also known, I’m not sure how to make it change song smoothly but eh.
  • A save file is in the game – Also known lol, tried getting rid of it but it doesn’t want to, so just ignore it.
  • The game is about 7-8 min long, only counting taking one route (out of 2).


Pictures be derping ‘3’

I think that’s pretty much it… If you have any opinions (not that I’ll change it now anyway) feel free to comment~
Feedback is always good incase I feel like making another visual novel lol.




Hello there!

I know I haven’t updated for quite a while, but don’t worry, I am not dead yet.

I am currently working on a Visual novel for a a school assignment so it is kind of stealing all my time/creative/willingness to write ^^;; But no worries! When it is done I will upload it and share it with you all. I’m also having another short story in my brain this moment, I just need to find the time/moment of unlazyness to actually write it~

Have a nice day =3

Dark void with a hint of light


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“Trivia” as usual~
Words: 1346
Written: 5/1-11, ≈00:33 – 01:40

But don’t let the amount of words scare you, enjoy the reading!

Dark void with a hint of light

The boy slowly opened his eyes. The dark red glow from the sky meets him and confuses him. Looking around he notices, and understands that this is not the world he is used to – but something completely different, but at the same time it feels strangely familiar. Maybe even a bit nostalgic? He shakes his head, pinches his cheek to check if he is dreaming. But the pain of the pinch felt scarily real. He no longer doubted that this was now his reality. The boy rises up from the ground where he was lying and observers the world he now was in. All that was seen was ruins of what looked like buildings, the dark red sky – Not twilight, but not night nor day. It was stuck in a mix, giving of a feeling of emptiness. But the boy felt that “emptiness” wasn’t quite the right word to use for it, and he found trouble finding a better one – all of the words kind of fit, but at the same time they did not. He then remembers the word “Void” and decides to use it. The sky, being stuck in the state it was, felt like it had given up on showing the normal colors of a sky. The ruins were spread all over.

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“The worlds robot”


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Words: 971

Can’t really say that I got more information than that on this story… so enjoy the reading~ ^^

Also, my sense for naming characters is really bad, so the [] in this means that her name should be placed there. Feel free to insert a name of your choice or simply see her as nameless.

Also it’s… a cliché story about a cliché robot….and not a particular good story either.

The Worlds robot

My name is [], and I am a robot, or a bit more specific, somewhat of a maid robot serving the World. This might sound strange to some, but it’s a fact. You might wonder what I mean with the World. Well, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. The world, the place you live on and abuse. Ah, that was rude of me, please forgive me. I’m the one that takes care of the World; I thought you’d figure that out when I said that I was a maid. Now, enough with breaking the fourth wall, or I might get scolded.

My master, the World, is quite a selfish person. He either does too much, or too little, and if I tell him to do it right, he gets mad. Such a troublesome purpose in life I’ve been given. Still, being the one I am, I have received all knowledge there is. There is nothing I don’t know, and there is nothing I don’t understand… Or so it’s meant to be. Sometimes I observe the humans down there. My masters gives me a lot of freedom, as long as I don’t jump into issues, or do anything that might cause things to change, I am free to do what I want. So, as a hobby, I observe humans just for the fact that I can, and for the sake of trying to understand.

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“That rainy day”


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Trivia: 1221 words.
That’s pretty much the only info I got on this piece, since I didn’t write the time or date, sorry~

That rainy day

I can hear the clock ticking, and the rain hitting the window. The piano plays gentle tones, tones that bring me back to those times, those memory that dwell deep inside me. I look down on my glass, and take a small sip. Slowly, I feel the taste of my Amber dream. I let out a small sigh as I look out of the window. Somehow the rain makes me feel both nostalgic and sad. It’s weird isn’t it? How something so usual like rain can sometimes make you feel so…different. The piano playing continues in this empty bar.

The bartender simply stands there, polishing the glass. To him this is just like any other day I guess, except maybe a bit more quiet. The bar itself is already nice and clean, and it reflects my glass onto its surface. I observe the scenery outside the window – the empty gray streets, the city lamps that shine all to itself, lighting the path up a little, and the small lamps in the windows in the stores. But what fascinates me the most is the rain hitting the surface of different things. I don’t know why, but there is simply something special about it. I take another sip of my Amber dream, and thus, I begin to dream away – dreaming back to those times, that were as gentle as the piano.

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